Let’s get to know Cameron Johnson. Oh hey, that’s me! My extension here at Stone Forest is 1007, which I have loved since day one since it means I’m “double oh seven” at your service. Working with the dynamite archive of photography, spending quality one-on-one time with visiting clients, watching our newly introduced designs blossom in the marketplace, and working side-by-side with my dynamic coworkers are just a “few of my favorite things” from my day-to-day with this company.


What’s your position at Stone Forest, and when did you start working here? Marketing and Garden Collection Sales Manager. August 2007

Which Stone Forest Kitchen & Bath product gets you really jazzed up, and why? I remember walking into the Stone Forest gallery for the first time, and stopping in my tracks as I noticed the Veneto Pedestal Sink standing proud against the wall. The shape and sheer mass of the design is stunning (not to mention the onyx ones glow when backlit), and is at once contemporary/timeless.



And your favorite Garden product? Oh, those Basalt Dome fountains! 



Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Alma mater: University of Virginia. Wahoowa!

Childhood hero: Madonna. (you know, the 80s “I wanna rule the world”, cone-wearing badass version).

Favorite activities: Making things, being a total Francophile, collecting items washed ashore, taking on the annual challenge of having a Southwestern garden in zone 6b, swimming laps, hiking and snowshoeing in the NM wilderness, and above all, traveling this wide world.

Song that gets me dancing:  “Let’s Dance”, David Bowie

Signature cocktail: Manhattan made with Bulleit bourbon, straight up, in a coupe glass with a luxardo maraschino cherry. “Shaken, not stirred” as Bond would say.

Last meal on earth: My husband Andy’s spaghetti.

Book/movie you’ve read/seen over and over: Dirty Dancing. I broke the VHS tape I watched it so much. My parents were a bit concerned.

If you could have dinner with one person from history, it would be: Edith Piaf

Favorite place you’ve traveled or vacationed: Paris, France. And a very close second: The Saguaro National Forest in Tucson, AZ. Those cacti are otherworldly.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, you would choose to explore: Australia & New Zealand.

Why Santa Fe? Because you could probably walk about town in a Halloween costume on any given day and blend in. The culture is rich, the art is heavy, and the people are crazy (in a good  way).

Why is working at Stone Forest so awesome? The team and the product are solid as a rock. We work hard and play hard.

I’m known for: My karaoke addiction.


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