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Jon | May 20, 2024

For many years I have looked at the beautiful stone objects at Stone Forest. I finally decided to see them for myself...and I am not disappointed. The two tea light stones beautifully complement the Wabi basin and create a serene focal point. With the floating candles and the tea candles lit in the evening, the invitation to sit outdoors is irresistible. I have my eye on my next purchase. I know now first hand how carefully crafted the objects are. Don't be deceived by the images you see on line. They are sooo much better in real life. 

Linda | June, 5,2023

Our beautiful stone fountain is installed and lovely. Peaceful sound. We are very happy with our purchase!

Norm | April, 14,2023

Gemma, At last the lantern project is actually done and great 👍 👌 looking. My brother found a pair of 'Magicnight' brand led solar strings, $20 on Amazon. (They have a twinkle setting that is also pleasant. )

I am preparing tiny ground cover plants to grow in the flagstone spaces. Maybe mosses or lichens.

Thank you for the excellent advice you gave, and please tell your stone mason how pleased we are with the lantern 's appearance. Shipping Department did a fine job, too!

Mickey Z. of Cupertino, CA | May 5, 2022

Since I live in California, I was a bit concerned about buying stone pieces without seeing them in-person but, in the end, I wanted to write this review to let others know my overall experience couldn't have been better.

After weeks of exchanging emails and phone calls with the always patient Stone Forest folks, I purchased a 30" Natural Millstone Fountain", its related Fountain Installation Reservoir and pump, and an "Antique Yukimi Lantern". Estimated delivery time was approximately 12 weeks. They worked with me to coordinate a delivery date so my landscaper could be onsite to move everything to my backyard. A few days in advance, the shipper called to confirm a specific delivery date for the two pallets. The pallets were placed on my home's driveway. My landscaper unpacked all pieces, which were very well packed and protected, and then carefully moved each piece to our backyard. After close inspection, we communicated to Stone Forest about one of the stone lantern pieces that was missing a drilled hole, had a small crack and a small chip. They are in the process of sending me a replacement piece.

I couldn't be happier with the excellent workmanship of the pieces and the consistently friendly/patient interactions and responsiveness of Stone Forest personnel. I would not hesitate to make additional purchases from Stone Forest.


Sue of Highlands Ranch CO | December 2021

Hey Gemma, I wanted to thank you for the fast delivery of the gift I ordered. I haven't seen it yet, but I have to tell you it has made quite an impression!! I've heard over and over how much they LOVE it! Thank you!!

John of South Portland ME | December 2021

Thanks for the leaf dish; unexpected and beautiful!

Buddha delivered after dark yesterday, but I had the prep done, so unpack and set in place. It is odd building a significant stone installation for something you don’t yet have, but it worked.

Taken in the morning sun with the sink/basin in the back.



Monica M | November 2021

Good afternoon. The stone lantern arrived and we LOVE it!  Great design, workmanship and packing. We hope to go to Santa Fe again next year and would love to see your place of business... See below for a photo of the new lantern. Thanks so much.



Ashley B | October 2021
Can I first just say how refreshing it is to do business with someone that not only replies to emails but does so in such a timely fashion‼️ And to have ALL my questions answered as well, nearly blew my mind, not to mention the added bonus of the links you proactively provided to further assist me…..you have a new customer for life‼️😂
 THANK YOU very much for all of the answers


Robert B | October 2021
I received my order today.
Your packing is ridiculous—in a good way. The items all arrived undamaged, and I love them. Thanks much.


Paul | May 2021
Hello, Robert (& ALL Stone Forest folks)
I can not thank you enough for staying on the phone and walking me through the set-up of my beautiful granite sphere fountain. I just moved here to the mountains and I found the perfect spot for it.  You helped me solve the painful sight of water barely trickling down from the top. A little snip here of the tubing...no FloMax necessary...it looks and sounds so peaceful I may need an afternoon nap every day...so if you, Robert, or any associate ever wind up in the Berkshire mountains of western Mass, feel free to stop by for a little chai  out on the deck...Enjoy the fotos!
Namaste (with a little pinch of oy vey!)
before                          after


Tim C | March 2021
Stone Forest Kasuga Lanterns
Ava, Can't tell you enough how much I love this !!!


Cole G | January 2021
We love your sink. Your sink is the star of our new bathroom. Thought you’d like to see. 


Ann H | December 2020
Thank you very much for your help with our bathroom project.  I now have the bathroom of my dreams when I didn’t even know it was possible to have dreams about a bathroom!  I’ve attached some before and after photos so that you can see the difference.  We are so very happy with how everything has turned out!  And it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.  Thank you.



Andy Z. | December 2020
Greetings! I bought a Yukimi Lantern from Stone Forest earlier this year. It really looks awesome with the fall foliage these days. Here are a few pictures I took this morning, I feel like I must share them with you. Thank you all for all the great products you guys created!

Stone Forest Antique Yukimi Japanese Lantern


Linda N. | November 2020
My husband picked up my birthday pagoda today and I wanted to let you know how much I love it!!!!  My husband is a perfectionist and even he was blown away by the craftsmanship.  Thank you sooooo much for getting making the special effort to get it here by my birthday!


Bill, Santa Monica, CA | May 2019
One of the reasons I enjoy ordering from your shop — I mean, in addition to beautiful products and a wonderful web site — is the gracious sensibilities of the people in the business. I have ordered basins (and as we speak, a baby squirrel is drinking from one in my Japanese garden here in Santa Monica) and birdbaths and lanterns, and each time the experience has been terrific, the products superb.


Michael, Santa Fe, NM | April 2019

Large selection, beautiful stones, great customer service. We hired a landscaping company to redo our little yards. Since we wanted to include a water feature, they suggested to check out Stone Forest. What a beautiful collection of stones, fountains and decorative elements. There are so many choices, it was hard to settle for one. So many cool ideas in all sizes and prices. We found one that would fit perfectly and they invited us to pick the stone at their warehouse - and a few weeks later it was standing in our backyard. And since then we enjoy it year round and it still looks beautiful. Linda was amazing in helping us pick the right one, providing us with measurements and maintenance info so we can keep enjoying it. And even though those natural stones are not cheap, I was actually positively surprised in how affordable they are - but of course, the foundation/basin work and installation add to it at the end. But definitely worth it and this place if worth a visit to get inspired about integrating an amazing water feature in your garden.


Freer House | July 2018

Many, many thanks once again Robert to you and your crew who came to this project so highly recommended by Fred. I know it was complicated with lots of “moving parts” . You have made the dream of seeing this lantern replicated a reality for us, our donors and for the Freer House.

Thank you again for your wonderful leadership of this initiative going back several years. We are grateful that Stone Forest has stuck with us through the many stops and starts of this garden project over the past several years.

I know this is true for Fred as well - it has been a great pleasure to work with a company like Stone Forest with such integrity and standards of excellence for its products and care for its clients - especially the small non-profit ones like us!

with our great appreciation to you, your colleagues and staff,


PS. We will definitely get photos to you of the lantern installation in the coming weeks.

William S. Colburn, Director

The Freer House | Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute/WSU


Joel & Carol | April 2018
Contacted Ally this morning for info on delivery. She informed me that the freight company had tried to contact us, but had been unsuccessful; she gave me the phone number for the freight company and the tracking # for our shipment.
We wanted to thank Ally for her help and pleasant demeanor. We are impressed with Stone Forest and how quickly you are getting us the lantern. We will let you know when we get the lantern and get it setup.
Thank you.

Susan Hall Landscape Architecture | November 2017
Just a note to let you know we received the shipment to Florida in time and had the fountain up and running for Thanksgiving.
Thank you to you and your team for helping us meet this deadline.  Saia shipping was terrific as well.
Susan Hall

James, Tucson, AZ | October 2017
I just wanted to say thank you!  I don't usually leave a lot of feedback but this time I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Yukimi style lantern. It's beautiful and I have never seen something sent so well protected in shipping. Thank you for you hard work!
Most Sincerely,

Linda Avignon, Manhattan Beach, CA | June 2015

Cameron: Your fire table came and it is absolutely exactly what I wanted. It is beautiful!  We are building a new home and it will not be installed for another 3-4 months. I am so excited and thank you very much.
Linda Avignon | Manhattan Beach, CA

Jay Blissick, Kalamazoo, MI | June 2015
Last year I purchased a Shinto Lantern from Stone Forest, and I placed it in my Japanese garden. It’s my garden's focal point. It has created quite a stir here in Kalamazoo with my friends, visitors and our local garden club. In fact, I entered the photo below in a local landscape services company’s contest, and it won second place. 

Every aspect of my purchase from Stone Forest was exceptional—from detailed inquiries, to installation tips, and even including some detailed measurements. This ranks as one of the best on-line experiences I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Stone Forest to anyone who’s looking for some unique garden accessories. 

Just thought you’d like some feedback from a very satisfied customer.
Jay Blissick | Kalamazoo, MI

Kim White, Duffey, CO | May 2015
Hi Robert,
Just wanted to let you know our lantern and wabi basin arrived today and we love them! Thank you for your help in sending photos and answering all my questions.
Kudos to the packaging people also, we were impressed with the way the items were secured and crated.
Thanks again,
Kim White | Duffey, CO

Bob Fornal, Atlanta, GA | June 2013
Hello Robert:
Just a follow up note regarding the custom white onyx Slice sinks you guys made for us. We got our first look at them today and they are perfect. Our cabinet maker picked them up at PDI today and stopped by our house to show them to us on his way back to his shop. They are beautiful and perfect for our application. The sinks were the original inspiration for the design of our entire remodel so the style and especially the color was so important to us. You and Stone Forest could not have done a better job. 
Again, my thanks for all your help,
Bob Fornal | Atlanta, GA 

Howard Leonard, Greenville, SC | December 2013
Hi Robert,

It's been a long time since we communicated so I will bring you up to date on our Water Feature.

Everything arrived in good shape and had to sit around for several weeks waiting on my contractor. Everything went well during the erection. All 8 stones were in place in about four hours after we started. We hooked up the pump and was getting a 10" spout of water out of the top. That looked good but it was more than I wanted. It had to much splash and spilling down the stones. I reduced the flow down to about 2"and that works better.

Everything was level and plumb as we finished but the next day we were getting too much water over one side. Our level indicated that the stone had moved and was out of plumb. The additional weight of the stones caused the existing manhole base support to settle. After several days, allowing for any additional settling, we adjusted the space between the second and third stone by using pennies as shims. The shims or the gap are not noticeable because that stone overhangs the second stone by an inch. The stones above the shims are now back level and plumb.

We had the dedication of the Water Feature on the second Sunday of November. Everyone is very pleased with the structure. I enjoyed working with you on this project. Thanks for all of your help.

Howard Leonard | Greenville, SC

Paula Smith-Vanderslice, Washington, DC | September 2013

Here are some photos of our Yukimi lantern from Stone Forest, which we received in January. We love it! We were quite pleased with the professional packaging and shipping, and when we opened it, the quality of the product. Such beautiful blue-grey granite, finely cut. It is a wonderful long-term investment that has enhanced the beauty of our backyard, serving as a contemplative focal point. The Yukimi is also naturally functional, as we are able to burn candles or incense inside. We hosted our neighborhood garden club in April, and the Yukimi lantern was in place in our yard for that gathering. I wanted to wait until our pergola, gate, and fence had been installed, and I had painted them, before mailing you photos of the lantern. 

Paula Smith-Vanderslice | Washington, DC

Emily Stich, Baton Rouge, LA | July 2013
Hi Ava, Linda & Cameron,
Y'all kindly assisted me last year with obtaining our wonderful "donut" fountain, as our neighbors call it. We absolutely love it. The sound is just perfect—not too noisy so we can hear the birds & wildlife, but just a soft, soothing sound. And the shape is so pleasing to the eye—very zen. Thought you might like to see it in place one year later.

The LSU Hilltop Arboretum liked our brand new garden so much that our place was selected to be on their garden tour this past April. The organizers have since told me that many people said they liked our garden best (there were about 5 open that day), and some mentioned how cool the water feature was (that being SF's fountain). During the tour, lots of folks asked where it came from, and we happily told them Stone Forest.

So, another big THANK YOU for a product that gives us pleasure every single day.

Best regards,
Emily Stich | Baton Rouge, LA

Orv and LeAnn Madden, Montecito, CA | October 2012
Hi Robert,
It's been over 6 months since we first met you, and enclosed are a couple of photos of our water feature project which was finally completed! The granite looks terrific, your artists did a wonderful job!
Thanks again.
Orv and LeAnn Madden | Montecito, CA

Paula Smith-Vanderslice, Washington, DC | January 2013
Thank you for such careful packing, shipping, and timely delivery of our purchased Yukimi lantern from Stone Forest. The lantern arrived in good condition yesterday afternoon on pallet and was carefully placed in front by forklift, just as you had described. Your time frame estimate by telephone, and the YRC delivery company's time frame estimate were both accurate. We have preliminarily placed the lantern in our backyard and it looks very nice. It will look even better in position for our neighborhood garden club's April meeting and party. Our theme will be "landscape architecture," and your piece will be viewed in our backyard along with a birdbath and gazing ball, trellis and arbor in the front, and pergola and fence in the back along with trees, bushes, sunny and shady ornamentals, and stepping stones as attendees walk in the yards.
Thank you, again, Stone Forest!
Paula Smith-Vanderslice |Washington, DC

Yuri Tsuchitani, San Jose, CA | July 2012
Hi Cameron,
It's our 3rd lantern from Stone Forest and it's beautiful. We love it.
Thank you again!
Yuri Tsuchitani | San Jose, CA

Keith Vogel, Erie, PA | July 2012
To the Staff at Stone Forest:
Earlier this week, I received the Wabi basin and Sphere Fountain that I ordered. They are even more beautiful than I had imagined. Thank you so much. In a world dominated by throw away customer goods these two items are a refreshing change. I especially like the fact that they are crafted from natural material millions of years old that will last for many more. I'm sure I will have,and cherish, them for the rest of my life.
Many thanks also for sending the small quantity of pebbles that I inquired about. Everything was professionally packaged and arrived in perfect order. You have a fan for life.
Keith Vogel | Erie, PA


Douglas Meyer, Charleston, IL | March 2012
ABF trucking delivered my daughter's Kyoto Lantern this afternoon around 2:35 pm. The Kyoto Lantern is situated between a Red Dragon Japanese Maple from Oregon that I planted three weeks ago, a series of metamorphic rock from the Ozarks of Missouri that symbolize a mountain ridge, and a twelve-foot-long sandstone fountain. The lantern is an awesome focal point in her new hardscape landscaping. The Kyoto Lantern arrived in perfect condition.
Doug "Monet" Meyer | Charleston, IL


Paula Rinewalt | January 2011
Happy New Year Robert,
Stone Buddha arrived in perfect condition. It's lovelier than I imagined. Thanks to you all at Stone Forest for my garden enhancement.

Paula Ringwald

Vince Albert, Long Island, NY | August 2010
We just completed a 21 month restoration of an 1859 Italianate Captain's Home in Greenport Long Island. Our home is now opened to the public after many years as a private residence. The highlight of our new kitchen is your Jerusalem Gold farm Sink with Versailles front. It is amazing and puts all the cabinets, countertop and backsplash together. It's truly a work of art and we tell everyone who stays with us about the sink and your fine work. Our luxury bed and breakfast is a success due to the handwork of 150 years, including the only modern handwork we could find—and that was your sink.
All the best,
Vince Albert, Innkeeper | Long Island, NY

Kim Orr | August 2010

Dear Stacy,

My wabi bowl arrived on Friday. I am amazed at its beauty. Please tell the person who carved it that it is so beautiful I go into the room where it is just to look at it often. It is now filled with water. I have a small indoor meditation garden of river stones, a lantern, and now the wabi bowl. In the house I have there was a space for a television carved into a wall. I do not have a television, but now a beautiful indoor garden.

I hope to be able to purchase another in the near future as I am hoping to put in a small outdoor meditation garden in the spring and also have it outside for birds and rabbits to use to drink from.

Best wishes,
Kim Orr


Stephen C. Morgan, Santa Fe, NM | July 2009

Dear Folks at Stone Forest,

In the 1950's, my parents purchased a bronze fountain in Florence, Italy, from the Romenelli Family's business near the Ponte Vecchio.

When my father passed away at 95.5, I inherited the fountain. The original base had long since been lost.

I showed a picture of it to your representative and he created a design that was a dead ringer for the old one. It was actually better since the irregular footing on the statue was mimicked perfectly in stone giving "Cosimo" a perfect fitting.

Thanks for a great job and a wonderful memory returned.

Stephan C. Morgan | Santa Fe, NM


Hacienda Gracias in Abiquiu, NM | November 2009
Dear Mr. Zimber,

We purchased a Maru stone fountain for our inner courtyard landscaping from Stone Forest in 2004. Its beauty and water music added an essential part to our home in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Then to our surprise in August of 2009 the fountain just split in half! Probably due to freezing weather in the winter and an inherent crack in the stone caused it to split. We were very sad to lose a key aspect of our landscaping.

Stone Forest stood behind their fountains. It was no fault of theirs that the stone of our fountain failed due to weather and a flaw in the stone. They replaced it at no cost except for the second installation. We were most appreciate of this generous offer and now have a second beautiful fountain creating its music.

Thank you.

Martha Jo Trupiano | Abiquiu, NM

"Secret Sources" article from This Old House Magazine by Linda C. Lentz
Every garden needs a focal point, and the best ones look like they've been there forever. Stone Forest is guided by the "less is more" principle of Japanese design. "You don't want to overshadow the strength of a natural material," says founder Michael Zimber. "The simple round millstones and tall obelisks are carved, chiseled, and selectively polished, then left largely as you might find them in nature."
Lind C. Lentz

Alice Nesher Hardenbergh, Interior Designer | July 1, 2009
Hi Michael,

I'm an interior designer from the suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. I recently went to purchase four of your gorgeous sinks through my supplier, Lavish showroom in Ardmore, and needed them on a rush basis. 

I've been in business for over 30 years, so glitches in orders are something I take in stride, but my clients don't always understand. Briefly, we had a color issue with two of the sinks as is the risk with natural stone, they could not be used side-by-side thanks to the careful observation of your employee Stacy who immediately notified my saleswoman Martha at Lavish.

We needed these pieces as a rush ship and had already agreed to pay the additional fee to do so. From that moment on, Stacy has done an incredible job of interfacing with Marsha, and I'd like to commend her and you on the wonderful effort your company has made to take care of us--we were able to switch to another stone (the Zen model) and rectify the situation to my client's complete satisfaction within 48 hours. I know our businesses have daily issues in meeting our client's demands, and this was such a good experience--under pressure--that I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fine service.

I have been to Santa Fe several times, I have furnished an entire house out here from the amazing trades and crafts from your city. I am an artist and find it the most inspiring place I've ever visited in the US. I should be coming back this fall, Sept. or Oct. Do you have a showroom? And if so, I'd like to come and visit.

Please pass on my thanks to Stacy, and I look forward to installing these sinks on my project. 
Alice Nesher Hardenbergh

Mark Voelkel, Rolling Acres Landscape and Nursery, Brinklow, MD
Never before have we had a vendor whose inventory of granite garden art has allowed us to actually entertain designing "around them!"
Mark Voelkel | Brinklow, MD

Daniel A. Nix, Owner, Dannix Design, Kirkland, WA

Stone Forest products are the perfect blend of casual elegance and sustainability, which reflects my preferred design philosophy.
Daniel A. Nix | Kirkland, WA


David Engel, Co-Author, A Japanese Touch for your Garden; Partner, Landgarden, New York, NY

Stone Forest's attention to detail, craftsmanship in granite, and its faithful following of our custom designs is very impressive.
David Engel | New York, NY

James van Sweden: Author, Gardening with Water; Partner, Oehme van Sweden & Associates, Washington, DC

When I design with water, I indulge my fantasies. It is good to know that Stone Forest is there to bring them to reality. They have crafted many stone fountains for me with precision and finesse.
James van Sweden | Washington, DC