Workstation Wave Front Farmhouse Sink

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noce basalt
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33"w x 21"d x 10"h | 330 lbs

Increase your cooking pleasure and centralize your prepping and cleaning tasks with Stone Forest’s Workstation Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks.   Accessories include a grid, cutting board, colander, and drying rack available in dark walnut or golden maple. Each item is sold separately.

Wave Front captures the dancing pattern of flowing water on its apron front carving. This pattern has been replicated on tiles that can be used as a backsplash, complementing the sink, as shown. Please note: Our basalt material has some non-structural inclusions that appear as thin white lines in the stone. If this is not acceptable, please choose another material.

Sink grid SG-33-KP  is available for this sink model.

The reverse side can be used as a flat-honed front sink.

Available Accessories

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Accessories 12 inch tray

Stainless Tray, 12"w x 2.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles

Item code: LKP-205234 WT (walnut), LKP-205334 MP (maple)

Stone Forest farmhouse sink workstation accessories drying rack

Cutting board, 12"w
Available in maple or walnut finishes.

Item code: LKP-210067 WT (walnut), LKP-210068 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Drying Rack

Stainless Drying rack, 12"w
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item code: LKP-215208 WT (walnut), LKP-215308 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Stainless Colander Deep

Stainless Colander, 6"w x 4.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item#LKP-205225 WT (walnut), LKP-205325 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Stainless Colander Shallow

Stainless Colander, 6"w x 2.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item# LKP-205219 WT (walnut), LKP-205319 MP (maple)



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The Wave Front Farmhouse Sink received the following award:

2014 Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Honoree

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