Large Wabi Basin


green gray granite



approx 6h inches

widths typically vary from 24"-34" (+/-)

175 lbs


Each is unique. Size shape and color will vary. Hand-carved from green granite boulders.

First, we begin with a natural boulder, the top is then sliced off and an inner basin is carved. We then polish the top surface to create a lovely contrast with the natural weathered sides of the boulder. Perfect with a bamboo water spout.

This stone basin can be used with a bamboo spout (70gph pump) or can be drilled to become a fountain (300gph pump). We're sorry, the natural pedestal (as shown under the piece in the first image) is not available. 

Although we don't have a video that shows the Large Wabi Basin running, the Rough Vessel shown above will give you a nice sense of the sound created by using a bamboo spout.


Recommended accessories

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square

Submersible Pump, 70gph with Bamboo Water Spout

Submersible Pump, 300gph with Drilling for Basins or Small Spheres

Pebbles (6 bags)





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