Natural Millstone Fountain


blue gray granite



30" diameter: 30" x 10"h | 600 lbs  (4" thick millstone, w/6"h pedestal)

36"diameter: 36" x 14"h | 800 lbs (6" thick millstone, w/8"h pedestal)

 Our best selling Natural Millstone Fountain combines a pleasing form with the sound of falling water and a gently sloping polished surface that birds can’t resist. 

Sculpted from cross sections of natural boulders, each is unique.

The 36" diameter size is standard, but we also offer a slightly smaller version in the 30" size should this work better for your project. 

And yes, that's a bobcat drinking from the 36" size in the 3rd image. 

Recommended accessories

Fountain Installation Kit 6x6 

Submersible Pump, 475gph

Pebbles (11 bags)





Landscape installation and design by Carlotta from Paradise, Santa Fe, NM (Contact)