Workstation Basketweave Farmhouse Sink

papiro cream marble
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33"w x 21"d x 10"h

330 lbs

Increase your cooking pleasure and centralize your prepping and cleaning tasks with Stone Forest’s Workstation Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks.   Accessories include a grid, cutting board, colander, and drying rack available in dark walnut or golden maple. Each item is sold separately

Sink grid SG-33-KP  is available for this sink model

The reverse side can be used as a flat, polished front sink. 

Available Accessories

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Accessories 12 inch tray

Stainless Tray, 12"w x 2.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles

Item code: LKP-205234 WT (walnut), LKP-205334 MP (maple)

Stone Forest farmhouse sink workstation accessories drying rack

Cutting board, 12"w
Available in maple or walnut finishes.

Item code: LKP-210067 WT (walnut), LKP-210068 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Drying Rack

Stainless Drying rack, 12"w
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item code: LKP-215208 WT (walnut), LKP-215308 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Stainless Colander Deep

Stainless Colander, 6"w x 4.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item#LKP-205225 WT (walnut), LKP-205325 MP (maple)

Stone Forest Farmhouse Sink Workstation Stainless Colander Shallow

Stainless Colander, 6"w x 2.25"d
Available with maple or walnut handles.

Item# LKP-205219 WT (walnut), LKP-205319 MP (maple)


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