Pebble Collection

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Inspired by the simple beauty of small, smooth pebbles, Stone Forest has enlarged these organic shapes into a home & garden collection that includes vases, seating, and fountains.

Calling all pebble lovers: Do you find yourself whiling away your downtime collecting pebbles at the beach or along the river...even long after friends have abandoned you to pursue cocktails and dinner? It's this love for small, natural pebbles that inspired owner Michael Zimber to ask himself, "What if pebbles got big?" And we mean really big.

Our Pebble Collection includes fountains that stand at 24," 36," and 48" tall, and weigh up to 3,500 pounds! They are hand-carved from blocks of green marble, onyx and conglomerate stone, the latter of which is named "Jurassic" for its natural variations in color and pattern.



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