Granite Spheres


black and white granite


20 inch diameter is 400 lbs

24 inch diameter is 725 lbs

30 inch diameter is 1000 lbs


These black & white granite stone spheres are available as sculptural accents (no drilling), or core-drilled for use as a fountain.

The 20" diameter sphere can be installed in our 36" Kit Basin, add $25 for drilling (see below).

The 24" diameter sphere can be installed in our 44" Kit Basin, add $50 for drilling (see below).

The 30" diameter sphere must be installed with our 4x4' Installation Kit, , add $50 for drilling (see below). We'd also recommend pouring a 2" thick concrete slab in the bottom of the reservoir hole to support the weight of the piece and prevent shifting. If your installation requires pinning/securing the fountain into place, we recommend referring to our Suggested Commercial Installation diagram (see below) so that the concrete pedestal can be drilled for setting the pins (the 44" plastic Kit Basin will not work for this). 


Recommended accessories

Make it a fountain:

Drilling for Basins or Small Spheres (20" diam, +$25)

Drilling for Large Spheres (24" and 36" diam, +$50)


For outdoor fountain setup:

Fountain Installation Kit, 36 inch Round (20" diam sphere)

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square (24" diam sphere)

Fountain Installation Kit 4x4 (30" diam sphere)

Suggested Commercial Installation (if pinning is necessary)

Submersible Pump, 300gph

Submersible Pump, 475gph

Pebbles (4 bags with 36" kit or 6 bags with 44" and 4x4' kits)




For indoor fountain setup:

Hexagonal Indoor Catchbasin (limited to 20" diameter size only)

Submersible Pump, 170gph

Pebbles (1 bag)