Kasuga Lantern


Black and White Granite


52 inch height is 450 lbs (20" diam)

68 inch height is 900 lbs (24" diam)

96 inch height is 2500 lbs (32" diam)


The Kasuga-style lantern originates from the Kasuga Shrine in Nara, Japan, where over 3,000 assorted stone lanterns stand to be lit on special occasions. A relief carving depicts one of the many protected deer who live in the forest around the shrine. This traditional Japanese Lantern is perhaps the most popular of the tachi-gata-style or pedestal stone lanterns which can be placed on any firm flat surface capable of bearing their weight. We carve the Kasuga stone lantern from the highest quality black & white (salt & pepper) granite and drill it for electrical wiring. Comprised of 6 pieces.

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