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Natural Boulder Fire Vessel


green gray granite


18h with varying widths

1200 lbs


Each is unique. Size, shape and color will vary.

It's made for use with a customized gas kit and tempered glass (30 lbs to fill bowl), sold separately below. Select between a match-lit or electronic gas kit, and light blue or black glass. Please see our detailed installation instructions and accessories below. Carved from one solid boulder. Average size is 50"w (+/-) and 40"d (+/-). 

Please note: Not suitable for use with wood fires. Use of any other material of components not supplied by Stone Forest voids warranty. Outdoor use only. Requires wall switch, remote, or timer to operate (not included). Remote available for purchase through Stone Forest (or you may source a timer or wall switch and wire in). Sorry, we don't have a cover to fit this vessel.



Match Lit Gas Kit or Electronic Ignition Gas Kit with optional remote

Black or Light Blue tempered glass (order quantity 30 lbs to fill top bowl)



Match Lit Gas Kit 

Electronic Ignition Gas Kit 

Gas Kit Troubleshooting