Swirl Fountain


green gray granite


Small Size - approx 16h inches, roughly 30" x 25"w, 1200 lbs

Large Size - approx 16h inches, roughly 45" x 36" w, 2400lbs


We begin by choosing a natural granite boulder with a pleasing shape.  A ripple pattern is carved into the top surface,  as if someone had thrown a pebble into a deep, still pond.  Each Swirl Fountain is unique;  color, size and shape will vary.

Please visit our One-of-a-Kind section to see examples of currently available pieces.

Recommended accessories

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square, (Small) or Fountain Install Kit 6'x6' (Large)

Submersible Pump, 475gph, (Small) or Submersible Pump 710gph (Large)

Pebbles (6 bags), or (11 bags)




Third and fourth images show an installation done by Views Landscaping of Santa Fe, NM.