Triple Basalt Fountains (Sets of 3)


natural basalt


39"H x various diameters | 1500 lbs 

60"H x various diameters | 2500 lbs

72"H x various diameters | 3500 lbs 

(Sold only as complete sets of 3 pieces)


The Triple Basalt Column fountain takes a single basalt column and slices it vertically into three pieces. Naturally weathered exteriors are contrasted by mirror polish surfaces on the cut faces. Natural basalt varies in color and diameter. 

For best performance we recommend using 1 pump for each section of the fountain (3 pumps total).

Our residential Triple Basalt Installation Kit is designed to support the 39"h piece only. Please refer to our Suggested Commercial Installation diagram for the 60"h and 72"h pieces, due to their size and weight. If your installation requires pinning/securing the fountain into place, we will need instructions for pre-drilling the columns.


Recommended accessories

Triple Basalt Installation Kit for 39 inch Fountain & Installation Instructions

Suggested Commercial Installation

Submersible Pump, 475gph

Pebbles (11 bags)




Installation and photos provided by Views Landscaping of Santa Fe, NM for the 39"h fountain shown. Photos provided by David Marlow for the 72"h fountain shown.