Copper / Stainless

Our copper/ stainless sinks are created from the highest quality recycled copper and stainless steel.

The farmhouse sinks start as sheets of 16-gauge copper and are pressed around a form called die-pressing. 

The lavatory sinks also start as sheets of copper and stainless steel, but these are turned on a lathe and pressed into their desired shape. In the metalworking industry, this process is called hand spinning. 

Then the inside and outside shells are soldered together at the outer rim to create a sturdy durable double-wall construction. The fully double-walled construction of our copper sinks allows us to foam-fill the interior, which reduces reverberation. Some styles have a hand-hammered exterior.

Some finishing marks, solder spots, and small impressions are the distinguishing traits of our handcrafted copper sinks and reveal the unique nature of each piece.



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