Get out!

As we welcome twenty sixteen, we reflect on our fast-paced environment and encourage you to unplug, slow down, and get outside this weekend. Celebrate that which inspires us most: the vast space and beauty of nature. Give yourself some quiet time to heighten your senses and prepare for what’s to come. Your gadget(s) will be there waiting for you afterwards, we promise.


Make something!

A hand-written, stamped, and sealed envelope received here at Stone Forest reminded us of our need to send something other than a text or email! There’s no substitute for something hand-crafted.


Get inspired!

And now, a few little haiku gems to read, digest, and help you slow the pace:

No sky
no earth – but still
snowflakes fall.



The lamp once out
Cool stars enter
The window frame.

~Natsume Soseki


I hung the moon on various
branches of the pine



Happy New Year from the nature-loving, hand-crafting, design-inspired team at Stone Forest

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