Bronze Edo Vessel Sink

#CP-30 GB
golden bronze
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17" diameter x 6"h | 43lbs

Born of fire, this substantial bronze vessel sink is crafted using traditional sandcasting techniques.  We leave the exterior of the sink “rough cast” prior to applying a patina, resulting in a unique finish on each sink, which reflects the design's ancestry in traditional Japanese pottery.

Stone Forest collaborated with designer Tod Babick, here is what he had to say:

The aesthetic of this sink was inspired directly by Japanese ceramic tea vessels and indirectly by fractured stone formations. The irregular, imperfect form and surfaces of the piece, as well as the variations within the patina, are in alignment with the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, which embraces that which is naturally imperfect, irregular, weathered, and unadorned. Producing the piece using traditional sand-casting enhances the vessel with another layer of variability.

Since the original inspiration comes from ceramics and since clay is commonly used to create sculptures that are intended to be cast in bronze, I chose to sculpt the piece in clay. Clay is also the only material that allows for the specific types of imperfections and irregularities found on ceramic Japanese vessels.

Vessel Installation
Care & Maintenance 

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