Large Boulder Fountains


#NF14-LG #1
natural boulder
This is a one-of-a-kind product.


Boulder #1: 75h x 45w x 20d   -  4500 lbs

Boulder #2: 90h x 50w x 25d   -  7000 lbs

Boulder #3: 72h x 50w x 28d   -  4500 lbs

Boulder #5: 82h x 46w x 20d   -  6500 lbs

Boulder #6: 59h x 26w x 15d   -  4000 lbs

Boulder #7: 58h x 30w x 30d   -  4000 lbs

Boulder #8: 84h x 36w x 22d   -  6700 lbs


These unique items are currently on display in our garden gallery.
Due to the size and weight of these pieces, a custom reservoir should be designed to support your installation; Stone Forest's fountain installation kits are not sufficient.

Please see our linked "suggested commercial installation" diagram as a rough guide for designing an integral concrete reservoir to support a piece of this size.

Suggested commercial installation

Recommended accessories

Submersible Pump 710gph 




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