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Installation Kit for 39 inch Triple Basalt Fountain

Production Lead Time:




12h x 72w x 72d inches

1100 lbs


Made for outdoor residential installations of the 39"H Triple Basalt Fountain design only (not sufficient for the 60" and 72" sizes). Holds approx. 220 gallons of water. Made to run year-round.

Kit includes: pond liner, wood frame, galvanized grating (no cuts made so you can position sections then cut on-site), and 3 concrete pedestals.

11 bags of Pebbles recommended to cover this kit. Qty 3 pumps recommended, one for each section.

Please flip through the photos to see this kit going into the ground, step-by-step. Our snapshots show the 4x4' size kit, but the same process applies to this kit size. 

The different steps with this kit:

1. The pond liner should be placed underneath the concrete pedestals (instead of on top, as seen in the photos). Please use extra pond liner under each pedestal to create plenty of padding to prevent tearing/leaking from the sharp corners.

2. You will need to make cuts in the galvanized grating on site for waterline and pump access after you determine how you would like to position the 3 sections of the Triple Basalt Fountain. The 2 pieces of galvanized grating for the will overlap in the center, as shown in the last 2 photos. We take (2) sheets of 4x8' grating and cut them down to (2) 4x6' sheets. We then overlap them by 2' in the center to create the 6x6' grate. You will also level and install 3 concrete pedestals (instead of 1), positioned as you wish (straight row, diagonal, etc). After you make the cuts for the pump access (one corner) and hose access underneath the fountain, we recommend using one of the extra pieces of grating from the hose area cutout to cover the pump access area. 

3. If pinning is required, please let us know before you place your order so that we can drill additional holes. If you wish to use this kit, you will need to drill the concrete pedestals on-site to accommodate the stainless pins. Designing a custom reservoir so pins can be set while pouring on-site is ideal (see our Suggested Commercial Installation Diagram as an example for your design). You may also use this as a guide for installing our 60"H and 72"H Triple Basalt Fountains and consult your local codes. You will probably want to design & pour a longer concrete pedestal in the center of the reservoir to accommodate the 3 separate sections of the Triple Basalt Fountain.


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Helpful hints for installation:
1. Place some kind of padding between the concrete pedestals and pond liner to prevent tearing/leaking. You could use excess pond liner to create a nice barrier; this should help prevent future issues.

2. After connecting your flexible hosing from your pump up through the center of the Stone Forest fountain, cut a small strip from the edge of your extra pond liner. Take the strip and wrap/wind it tightly around the top of the hose. You can secure it with electrical tape if necessary. This creates a plug that allows you to push it snugly into the top of the 1 1/4" hole. This will prevent the hose from slipping down into the stone, and from moving around.

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