Metrio Wall Mount System

#MET-VSL HONEBL -- This items is being discontinued in black granite. Only 2 left in stock.
black granite
multi color onyx
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Metrio Wall Mount Sink – MET-VSL

4h x 17.5w x 17.5d inches

45 lbs


Metrio Wall Mount Slab – MET-CTB

2h x 17.5w x 17.5d inches

40 lbs


Includes wall mount bracket and stone work to fit. The METRIO modular system allows you to choose any sink and/or counter slab component and arrange them as you wish, either as a "floating," wall-mounted configuration (as shown here) or semi-recessed into a vanity or countertop. Basins and counter slabs are sculpted in black granite or multi-color onyx. Semi-recessed multi-color onyx units work with our LED light panel, designed to illuminate the sink from underneath. Onyx is naturally translucent, so allows the light to "glow" through. As you can see in the detail of the 3rd image, we hone the top rim and high-polish the interior bowl for subtle contrast.

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ADA compliant when installed per the requirements of the Accessibility Guidelines, section 606.

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