Fountain Installation Kit 6'x6'


#DKIT 6x6


12"H x 72"W x 72"D | 400 lbs

For outdoor residential installations. Holds approx. 250 gallons of water. Made to run year-round.

Kit includes: pond liner, wood frame, galvanized grating cut for waterline and easy pump access, concrete pedestal.

11 bags of Pebbles recommended to cover this kit. Please check the list of Recommended Accessories under the Fountain/Basin of your choice to make sure this kit is large enough for your installation.

Please flip through the photos to see this kit going into the ground, step-by-step. Our snapshots show the 4x4' size kit, but the same process applies to the 6x6' size. The 2 pieces of galvanized grating for the 6x6' size will overlap in the center, as shown in the last 2 photos. We take (2) sheets of 4x8' grating and cut them down to (2) 4x6' sheets. We then overlap them by 2' in the center to create the 6x6' grate. If you purchase the complete kit from Stone Forest, we will make cuts for the pump access and hose access underneath the fountain. We use the extra piece from the hose area cutout to cover the pump access area.

If pinning is required for your installation and you wish to use this kit, the pond liner will need to run underneath the concrete pedestal. Designing a custom reservoir so pins can be set while pouring is ideal (see our Suggested Commercial Installation Diagram as an example for your design).


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