8oz Bottle

Non-toxic water treatment for algae/organic buildup prevention and water clarity.

Made with organic polymers that keep water clean, clear, and algae-free. Kills & inhibits algae and bacteria.

Non-staining. Safe for birds, plants, animals, but NOT FISH -

Treats 300 gallons per ounce.

Use 1 drop/gal or 1 tsp per 100 gallons.

The natural effect of Fountec’s polymers on water tension make it an excellent deterrent for control of mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in fountains, water gardens, and birdbaths.

Powerful green algae remover
• Eradicates yellow and black algae
• Removes and kills clinging or stubborn type algae with minimal brushing
• Water clarifiers leaves water ultra-clear
• Non-foaming and non-staining
• No weekly chlorine or testing required
• Prevents regrowth with small weekly dose
• Safe for plants, birds, and animals to drink treated water
• Not safe for aquatic life

Kills all types of algae and prevents regrowth in decorative fountains, water gardens, tabletops, and birdbaths. Fountecs' cationic polymers also super-clarify water.