Small Antique Millstone Fountain


beige granite


approx 10h x 20w x 20d inches

150 lbs


Each is unique; size and color will vary.

Originally used for grinding grain, these antique millstones are about 100 years old and make wonderful fountains.  Each is unique and is supported by a hand carved granite pedestal.  Average dimensions are approx. 10"h total (6"h pedestal + 4"h millstone) with an average of 20" to 24" diameter millstone on top (+/-).  To learn more about the history of these stones, check out our blog article.


Recommended accessories

For outdoor setup:

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square & Installation Guide

Submersible Pump, 300gph

Pebbles (6 bags)




For indoor setup:

Hexagonal Indoor Catchbasin

Submersible Pump, 170gph

Pebbles (1 bag)