Boulder Fountain


natural boulder


30 inch height is approx 900 lbs (diameters vary)

36 inch height is approx 1400 lbs (diameters vary)

48 inch height is approx 2200 lbs (diameters vary)


Each of these garden fountains is created from a natural granite boulder. Each is unique. Size, color, and shape will vary. 

Unlike other boulder fountains, ours are carved and hollowed out at the top to allow for a pleasant bubbling and even water coverage of the boulder. Water flow can be adjusted for an active bubbling creek feel or a more gentle flow to attract birds. 

Not all water features need to be grand to stand out in your landscape. The natural beauty of this stone speaks for itself. Each boulder has variations in color and shape that make it a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Recommended accessories

30"h Boulder Fountain recommended accessories: 44" Kit Basin, 300gph pump, and 6 bags of pebbles.

36"h Boulder Fountain recommended accessories: 44" Kit Basin, 475gph pump, and 6 bags of pebbles.

48"h Boulder Fountain recommended accessories: 6x6' Installation Kit, 475gph pump, and 11 bags of pebbles.

Fountain Installation Kit 6x6 

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square

Submersible Pump, 475gph

Submersible Pump, 300gph

Pebbles (4 bags with 44" kit and 6 bags with 6x6' kit)