Basalt Column Fountains, various sizes





20"H x (12" diam +/-) | approx 300 lbs 

39"H x (15-16" diam +/-) | approx 800 lbs 

60"H x (16-17" diam +/-) | approx 1600 lbs

72"H x (20-21" diam +/-) | approx 2800 lbs


Natural basalt varies in color and diameter. Basalt in it's raw form is a deep charcoal black. The exterior of these columns is weathered with time and exposure.

After quarrying this striking material, we highlight the piece with contrasting polished black surfaces. This process creates a stunning fountain that toes the line between refined and rustic.

The roughly polygonal shape is created when lava begins to cool from inside. Fissures form and expand. Finally, the lava flow hardens with a honeycomb of columns. This process creates stone that is completely unique. 

These amazing natural wonders are found on almost every continent, most famously the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland and Columbia River Gorge in Washington, USA.


Note: If your installation requires pinning/securing the fountain into place, we recommend referring to our Suggested Commercial Installation diagram so that the concrete pedestal can be drilled for setting the pins. We will also need instructions for any pre-drilling in the Column.


Recommended accessories

 Not sure how to install a fountain? See our guide here.


Basin Reservoir Size


Bags of Pebbles

20"H Column  36" Round Basin 300 GPH 4 bags
20"H (Indoor) 30" Square or 31" Hexagonal 170 GPH 1 bag
39" H 44" Square Basin 475 GPH 6 bags
60"H 4'x4' Install Kit* 475 GPH 6 bags
72"H 4'x4' Install Kit* 475 GPH 6 bags
84"H / 96"H Custom (see commercial diagram) 710 GPH 1 bag per 4 sq ft


*Some columns may be wider than the provided 18" x 18" concrete pedestal. In these cases, we recommend a second concrete pedestal for stability. Though rare, we will inform you prior to shipping in these cases.  

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