Console Table


sustainable hardwood


Small size is 30h x 36w x 23d inches and 50 lbs (#WD-12)

Large size is 30h x 72w x 22d inches and 170 lbs (#WD-11)


Each is unique. Size, shape and color will vary. Available in two sizes.

Using nature as our blueprint, we create functional sculpture crafted from thick slabs of sustainable hardwood. Handcrafted using mortise and tenon joinery, our designs emphasize the natural or outer edge of the tree as well as other unique characteristics including burls, knotholes and naturally occurring checks/ cracks. In order to create a sustainable product, we mill small growth trees and laminate the planks together in order to create an old growth, large slab look. The slabs contain a mix of heartwood and sapwood, with resulting variations in light and dark grain. Butterfly joints are used both to control cracks and for purely decorative reasons. All of our furniture reflects the individual characteristics of the tree from which it was made and each piece is one-of-a-kind.

View Specification for WD-11, 72" size
View Specification for WD-12, 36" size
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