Portland Basin


beige granite



12.5h x 18 x 18 inches

250 lbs

This stone tsukubai basin is hand carved in beige granite with a design similar to the one installed in the Portland Japanese garden in Oregon. It is made for use with a bamboo spout (with 70gph pump) or can be drilled to use as a bubbling fountain (use 170ghp pump). Perfect for your tea garden.

Although we don't have a video that shows the Portland Basin running, the Rough Vessel shown above will give you a nice sense of the sound created by using a bamboo spout.


Recommended accessories

Fountain Install Kit, 44 inch Square

Submersible Pump, 70gph with Bamboo Water Spout

Drilling for Basins or Small Spheres with Submersible Pump, 170gph

Pebbles (6 bags)